QuadKids 2018

Apologies for the recent outage of the website. It is now up and running for the foreseeable future. It is evident from the emails received that QuadKids is as popular as ever and remains the preferred Athletics competition format around the country for the School Games and also with in schools.

QuadKids is *FREE*. We don't receive funding from any of the governing bodies so in return we do expect organisers to participate and submit their events and data. We know that the children enjoy finding their performances and getting certificates. So please do participate!

If you don't see your competition here then get on to your local School Games Organiser or local event organiser and ask them to post your competition results on our website. It's so easy to do there is no excuse not to.

If your results are posted then there are FREE certificates to download, you can also check your performances and see what ESAA (English Schools Athletics Association) award you have achieved.

SGOs, if you need help then get in touch!

Thanks for competing!


School Games

QuadKids Schools

QuadKids Schools is the preferred athletics format for the School Games, including level 1 inter (whole school), level 2 intra school events, Schools Games qualifing rounds and level 3 County / School Games finals. This easy to run athletics format encourages participation for all ages and abilities and has been widely used throughout the UK for many years.

England athletics

QuadKids Clubs

QuadKids Clubs is the ideal competition format for U9 and U11 inter and intra club competitions and athletic network leagues and events. QuadKids is the perfect stepping stone encompassing all the key aspects of athletics; endurance, speed, agility and strength.

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