Highgate Harriers Quadkids Grand Prix Series #4
Highgate Harriers Quadkids Grand Prix Series #4 Under 12's (03/06/2018)


Boys individual ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint timeSprint pointsJump distanceJump pointsRun timeRun pointsThrow distanceThrow pointsOverall points
1Jamie Ca11.50553.52541.597127.5555235
2Thomas Wa11.10593.74612.175330.1660233
3Dominic Wi11.20584.00702.125821.8543229
4Jacques Lo12.00503.50532.026823.9047218
5Matteo Sa11.20583.30462.096125.8551216
6Reece Wi11.90513.20432.076322.7545202
7Arthur Na11.70533.40502.234722.7545195
9Arthur Sh12.50453.19432.214928.9057194
10Abdi Ka11.20583.03372.165422.2544193
11Leo Lo12.30472.80302.145625.9051184
12Alex Hu12.20482.50202.115927.1054181
14Oscar Pr12.20483.13412.234721.1742178
14Oscar Fl12.20482.72272.125822.6545178
16Daniel Ki12.10492.62242.185224.4048173
17James Wa12.10493.05382.175316.3032172
18Alessandro Sa12.00502.45182.165420.3540162
19Max Wa12.80423.59562.462417.6035157
20Iola Re13.20383.35482.393119.6539156
21Che Fe13.40362.83312.313924.9049155
22Dillon Mc13.80322.89332.224812.5025138
23Bereket Ha13.30372.70262.313917.3034136
24Archie Ca13.70332.64242.165410.2520131
25Maurice Me11.70532.33142.323810.7521126
26Sonny Wa12.80422.91332.571318.2036124
28Riley Re13.80322.59232.274310.5021119
29Oscar Gr14.20282.50202.313914.6029116
30Guy Te12.80422.20102.25459.0018115
31Kane Ja13.10393.20433.06109.8519111
32Joe Ca13.10392.03103.011022.9045104
33Finlay Ta14.20282.30132.323811.7023102
34Joe Ro0.0000.0002.125820.554199
36Guillem Re13.60342.10102.393111.002297
37Shakai Pa13.30372.49193.231011.352288
38Colin Ke15.00202.41172.571315.453080
39Finn Ro15.00201.72102.551515.253075
40Yusuf Ya13.40362.25113.06108.001673
41Reggie Sm15.10192.10103.301013.502766
42Jed Re15.10192.10103.071011.152261
43Luke Ro0.0002.62240.0000.00024

Girls individual ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint timeSprint pointsJump distanceJump pointsRun timeRun pointsThrow distanceThrow pointsOverall points
1Celine Ri12.60443.20432.185223.5047186
2Lana Tu12.20483.10402.195114.2528167
4Aliyah Os13.10393.08392.244610.6021145
5Aara Ka12.20482.55212.343615.8031136
6Izzy Ri13.30372.90332.373313.9027130
7Kitty Sa13.10391.93102.19518.7017117
8Freida Ke14.70233.05382.35357.9015111
9Greta Na13.20382.40162.35358.1016105
10Maia Re13.80322.56222.48229.551995
11Molly Ro16.70102.98360.0007.351460

Top Sprinters

Boys top 20 Sprint ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint TimeSprint Points
1Thomas Wa11.1059
2Dominic Wi11.2058
2Matteo Sa11.2058
2Abdi Ka11.2058
5Jamie Ca11.5055
6Arthur Na11.7053
6Maurice Me11.7053
8Reece Wi11.9051
9Jacques Lo12.0050
9Alessandro Sa12.0050
11Daniel Ki12.1049
11James Wa12.1049
13Alex Hu12.2048
13Oscar Pr12.2048
13Oscar Fl12.2048
17Leo Lo12.3047

Girls top 20 Sprint ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint TimeSprint Points
2Lana Tu12.2048
2Aara Ka12.2048
4Celine Ri12.6044
5Aliyah Os13.1039
5Kitty Sa13.1039
7Greta Na13.2038
8Izzy Ri13.3037
9Maia Re13.8032
10Freida Ke14.7023
11Molly Ro16.7010

Top Jumpers

Boys top 20 Jump ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameJump DistanceJump Points
1Dominic Wi4.0070
2Thomas Wa3.7461
3Max Wa3.5956
4Jamie Ca3.5254
5Jacques Lo3.5053
6Arthur Na3.4050
8Iola Re3.3548
9Matteo Sa3.3046
10Reece Wi3.2043
10Kane Ja3.2043
10Arthur Sh3.1943
13Oscar Pr3.1341
15James Wa3.0538
16Abdi Ka3.0337
17Sonny Wa2.9133
17Dillon Mc2.8933
19Che Fe2.8331
20Leo Lo2.8030

Girls top 20 Jump ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameJump DistanceJump Points
1Celine Ri3.2043
2Lana Tu3.1040
3Aliyah Os3.0839
4Freida Ke3.0538
5Molly Ro2.9836
6Izzy Ri2.9033
8Maia Re2.5622
9Aara Ka2.5521
10Greta Na2.4016
11Kitty Sa1.9310

Top Runners

Boys top 20 Run ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameRun TimeRun Points
1Jamie Ca1.5971
2Jacques Lo2.0268
3Reece Wi2.0763
4Matteo Sa2.0961
5Alex Hu2.1159
6Dominic Wi2.1258
6Oscar Fl2.1258
6Joe Ro2.1258
9Leo Lo2.1456
10Abdi Ka2.1654
10Alessandro Sa2.1654
10Archie Ca2.1654
13Thomas Wa2.1753
13James Wa2.1753
15Daniel Ki2.1852
18Arthur Sh2.2149
19Dillon Mc2.2248

Girls top 20 Run ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameRun TimeRun Points
1Celine Ri2.1852
2Lana Tu2.1951
2Kitty Sa2.1951
5Aliyah Os2.2446
6Aara Ka2.3436
7Freida Ke2.3535
7Greta Na2.3535
9Izzy Ri2.3733
10Maia Re2.4822

Top Throwers

Boys top 20 Throw ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameThrow DistanceThrow Points
1Thomas Wa30.1660
2Arthur Sh28.9057
3Jamie Ca27.5555
4Alex Hu27.1054
6Leo Lo25.9051
6Matteo Sa25.8551
8Che Fe24.9049
9Daniel Ki24.4048
10Jacques Lo23.9047
11Joe Ca22.9045
11Reece Wi22.7545
11Arthur Na22.7545
11Oscar Fl22.6545
15Abdi Ka22.2544
16Dominic Wi21.8543
17Oscar Pr21.1742
18Joe Ro20.5541
19Alessandro Sa20.3540
20Iola Re19.6539

Girls top 20 Throw ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameThrow DistanceThrow Points
1Celine Ri23.5047
2Aara Ka15.8031
3Lana Tu14.2528
4Izzy Ri13.9027
6Aliyah Os10.6021
7Maia Re9.5519
8Kitty Sa8.7017
9Greta Na8.1016
10Freida Ke7.9015
11Molly Ro7.3514


The ESAA awards are based on a points system scoring each individual discipline between 0 - 5. The ESAA Award we display is the Quadrathlon award. For more details on how these awards are scored please goto the Awards page

Because of the way the ESAA awards system scores things it is possible to get a lesser award than another athlete even though your QuadKids score is higher!

Awards details Not available

QuadKids Certificates

QuadKids Certificates are FREE if your competition organiser uploads results to our website. To gain access to certificates contact the competition organiser.

You have to be registered and logged in to our website to view certificates. Simply click on the VIEW button to download a certificate, a copy will also be emailed to your registered email address.

Organisers, when you are logged in there are additional buttons on the results screens to download batches of certificates by Team or for batches of all boys or girls.

Boys' Certificates

RankAthlete NameTeam NameOverall pointsDownload certificate
1Jamie Ca235Certificate
2Thomas Wa233Certificate
3Dominic Wi229Certificate
4Jacques Lo218Certificate
5Matteo Sa216Certificate
6Reece Wi202Certificate
7Arthur Na195Certificate
9Arthur Sh194Certificate
10Abdi Ka193Certificate
11Leo Lo184Certificate
12Alex Hu181Certificate
14Oscar Fl178Certificate
14Oscar Pr178Certificate
16Daniel Ki173Certificate
17James Wa172Certificate
18Alessandro Sa162Certificate
19Max Wa157Certificate
20Iola Re156Certificate
21Che Fe155Certificate
22Dillon Mc138Certificate
23Bereket Ha136Certificate
24Archie Ca131Certificate
25Maurice Me126Certificate
26Sonny Wa124Certificate
28Riley Re119Certificate
29Oscar Gr116Certificate
30Guy Te115Certificate
31Kane Ja111Certificate
32Joe Ca104Certificate
33Finlay Ta102Certificate
34Joe Ro99Certificate
36Guillem Re97Certificate
37Shakai Pa88Certificate
38Colin Ke80Certificate
39Finn Ro75Certificate
40Yusuf Ya73Certificate
41Reggie Sm66Certificate
42Jed Re61Certificate
43Luke Ro24Certificate

Girls' Certificates

RankAthlete NameTeam NameOverall pointsDownload certificate
1Celine Ri186Certificate
2Lana Tu167Certificate
4Aliyah Os145Certificate
5Aara Ka136Certificate
6Izzy Ri130Certificate
7Kitty Sa117Certificate
8Freida Ke111Certificate
9Greta Na105Certificate
10Maia Re95Certificate
11Molly Ro60Certificate

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