Thetford QuadKids
Thetford QuadKids - Years 4 & 5 (19/05/2019)


Boys individual ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint timeSprint pointsJump distanceJump pointsRun timeRun pointsThrow distanceThrow pointsOverall points
1Charlie BrWest Norfolk AC11.60541.96572.056537.4474250
2Finn KaCity of Norwich AC12.80421.70442.016937.1774229
3Jude CaCity of Norwich AC11.60541.73451.577324.0948220
4Kai PeWest Norfolk AC12.00501.81492.046622.8745210
5Cameron WeGreat Yarmouth & District AC12.10491.74462.046621.3042203
6James AsCity of Norwich AC12.90411.73452.096121.9143190
7Theo PuCity of Norwich AC12.60441.62402.254530.3960189
8Ethan ThDiss & District AC12.50451.72452.185222.6245187
9Monty FiThetford AC12.30471.75462.185220.4040185
10Geoffrey ThCity of Norwich AC12.80421.67422.145620.9441181
11Charlie FoThetford AC12.60441.60392.106018.2136179
11Leon HaCity of Norwich AC12.60441.99582.284217.6835179
13Jack BrCity of Norwich AC13.20381.84512.254519.3938172
14Archie JaThetford AC12.60441.51342.224817.5435161
15Kieran WaNorth Norfolk Harriers AC14.00301.55362.205019.3738154
16Vito MaCity of Norwich AC14.20281.49332.165416.0232147
17Daniel AdDereham Runners AC13.80321.46322.234717.6235146
18George HeCity of Norwich AC14.20281.39282.284222.6945143
19Ollie NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC13.40361.43302.274313.8527136
20Thomas FaCity of Norwich AC13.60341.55362.442616.5533129
21Connor BuThetford AC12.80421.33252.343612.0924127
22Will PuCity of Norwich AC14.60241.37272.412922.2644124
22Andrew MoNone14.30271.42302.284212.6325124

Girls individual ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint timeSprint pointsJump distanceJump pointsRun timeRun pointsThrow distanceThrow pointsOverall points
1Mia SqGreat Yarmouth & District AC12.10491.94562.056519.1138208
2Amy FiGreat Yarmouth & District AC11.70531.86522.155523.4846206
3Lola VaCity of Norwich AC12.00501.79482.125821.0142198
4Maizie BoGreat Yarmouth & District AC12.00501.82502.106018.5037197
4Amber GoCity of Norwich AC12.70431.80492.056520.3940197
6Charley WhRyston Runners AC12.80421.83502.135723.0446195
7Mia ThCity of Norwich AC12.40461.84512.096115.4330188
7Eloise EdNorth Norfolk Harriers AC12.80421.72452.106020.6041188
9Rosie HeCity of Norwich AC13.30371.61392.254526.0152173
10Olivia PiThetford AC12.90411.78482.254516.5133167
11Faye NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC12.90411.62402.096111.5523165
12Anya FaCity of Norwich AC13.10391.74462.214915.0130164
13Lily GoCity of Norwich AC12.80421.60392.195114.3928160
14Olivia AlNorth Norfolk Harriers AC13.50351.62402.115910.6121155
15Maya ElGreat Yarmouth & District AC12.90411.57372.195110.1420149
16Lily GaCity of Norwich AC13.10391.57372.22488.5517141
16Rosie-Mae JaThetford AC13.90311.40292.214916.2332141
18Evie ClRyston Runners AC13.70331.65412.304012.2124138
19Lexi AlThetford AC14.30271.55362.274314.5629135
20Mollie SkRyston Runners AC13.70331.49332.304010.7121127
21Jasmine KnNorth Norfolk Harriers AC13.40361.52352.34368.7117124
22Caoimhe CaThetford AC13.60341.61392.442611.1022121
23Lila PiThetford AC14.30271.54362.32388.7517118
24Iyla AdCity of Norwich AC14.20281.45312.353511.5623117
25Danielle WaWest Norfolk AC14.30271.57372.393110.6721116
26Lydia KeCity of Norwich AC14.50251.35262.313912.1924114
27Emily KoCity of Norwich AC14.00301.53352.46249.0018107
28Laina AnCity of Norwich AC14.70231.41292.35359.4118105

Top Sprinters

Boys top 20 Sprint ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint TimeSprint Points
1Charlie BrWest Norfolk AC11.6054
1Jude CaCity of Norwich AC11.6054
3Kai PeWest Norfolk AC12.0050
4Cameron WeGreat Yarmouth & District AC12.1049
5Monty FiThetford AC12.3047
6Ethan ThDiss & District AC12.5045
7Theo PuCity of Norwich AC12.6044
7Charlie FoThetford AC12.6044
7Leon HaCity of Norwich AC12.6044
7Archie JaThetford AC12.6044
11Finn KaCity of Norwich AC12.8042
11Geoffrey ThCity of Norwich AC12.8042
11Connor BuThetford AC12.8042
14James AsCity of Norwich AC12.9041
15Jack BrCity of Norwich AC13.2038
16Ollie NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC13.4036
17Thomas FaCity of Norwich AC13.6034
18Daniel AdDereham Runners AC13.8032
19Kieran WaNorth Norfolk Harriers AC14.0030
20Vito MaCity of Norwich AC14.2028

Girls top 20 Sprint ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint TimeSprint Points
1Amy FiGreat Yarmouth & District AC11.7053
2Lola VaCity of Norwich AC12.0050
2Maizie BoGreat Yarmouth & District AC12.0050
4Mia SqGreat Yarmouth & District AC12.1049
5Mia ThCity of Norwich AC12.4046
6Amber GoCity of Norwich AC12.7043
7Charley WhRyston Runners AC12.8042
7Eloise EdNorth Norfolk Harriers AC12.8042
7Lily GoCity of Norwich AC12.8042
10Olivia PiThetford AC12.9041
10Faye NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC12.9041
10Maya ElGreat Yarmouth & District AC12.9041
13Anya FaCity of Norwich AC13.1039
13Lily GaCity of Norwich AC13.1039
15Rosie HeCity of Norwich AC13.3037
16Jasmine KnNorth Norfolk Harriers AC13.4036
17Olivia AlNorth Norfolk Harriers AC13.5035
18Caoimhe CaThetford AC13.6034
19Evie ClRyston Runners AC13.7033
19Mollie SkRyston Runners AC13.7033

Top Jumpers

Boys top 20 Jump ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameJump DistanceJump Points
1Leon HaCity of Norwich AC1.9958
2Charlie BrWest Norfolk AC1.9657
3Jack BrCity of Norwich AC1.8451
4Kai PeWest Norfolk AC1.8149
5Monty FiThetford AC1.7546
5Cameron WeGreat Yarmouth & District AC1.7446
7Jude CaCity of Norwich AC1.7345
7James AsCity of Norwich AC1.7345
7Ethan ThDiss & District AC1.7245
10Finn KaCity of Norwich AC1.7044
11Geoffrey ThCity of Norwich AC1.6742
12Theo PuCity of Norwich AC1.6240
13Charlie FoThetford AC1.6039
14Kieran WaNorth Norfolk Harriers AC1.5536
14Thomas FaCity of Norwich AC1.5536
16Archie JaThetford AC1.5134
17Vito MaCity of Norwich AC1.4933
18Daniel AdDereham Runners AC1.4632
19Ollie NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC1.4330
19Andrew MoNone1.4230

Girls top 20 Jump ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameJump DistanceJump Points
1Mia SqGreat Yarmouth & District AC1.9456
2Amy FiGreat Yarmouth & District AC1.8652
3Mia ThCity of Norwich AC1.8451
4Charley WhRyston Runners AC1.8350
4Maizie BoGreat Yarmouth & District AC1.8250
6Amber GoCity of Norwich AC1.8049
7Lola VaCity of Norwich AC1.7948
7Olivia PiThetford AC1.7848
9Anya FaCity of Norwich AC1.7446
10Eloise EdNorth Norfolk Harriers AC1.7245
11Evie ClRyston Runners AC1.6541
12Faye NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC1.6240
12Olivia AlNorth Norfolk Harriers AC1.6240
14Rosie HeCity of Norwich AC1.6139
14Caoimhe CaThetford AC1.6139
14Lily GoCity of Norwich AC1.6039
17Maya ElGreat Yarmouth & District AC1.5737
17Lily GaCity of Norwich AC1.5737
17Danielle WaWest Norfolk AC1.5737
20Lexi AlThetford AC1.5536

Top Runners

Boys top 20 Run ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameRun TimeRun Points
1Jude CaCity of Norwich AC1.5773
2Finn KaCity of Norwich AC2.0169
3Cameron WeGreat Yarmouth & District AC2.0466
3Kai PeWest Norfolk AC2.0466
5Charlie BrWest Norfolk AC2.0565
6James AsCity of Norwich AC2.0961
7Charlie FoThetford AC2.1060
8Geoffrey ThCity of Norwich AC2.1456
9Vito MaCity of Norwich AC2.1654
10Ethan ThDiss & District AC2.1852
10Monty FiThetford AC2.1852
12Kieran WaNorth Norfolk Harriers AC2.2050
13Archie JaThetford AC2.2248
14Daniel AdDereham Runners AC2.2347
15Jack BrCity of Norwich AC2.2545
15Theo PuCity of Norwich AC2.2545
17Ollie NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC2.2743
18Leon HaCity of Norwich AC2.2842
18George HeCity of Norwich AC2.2842
18Andrew MoNone2.2842

Girls top 20 Run ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameRun TimeRun Points
1Amber GoCity of Norwich AC2.0565
1Mia SqGreat Yarmouth & District AC2.0565
3Faye NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC2.0961
3Mia ThCity of Norwich AC2.0961
5Eloise EdNorth Norfolk Harriers AC2.1060
5Maizie BoGreat Yarmouth & District AC2.1060
7Olivia AlNorth Norfolk Harriers AC2.1159
8Lola VaCity of Norwich AC2.1258
9Charley WhRyston Runners AC2.1357
10Amy FiGreat Yarmouth & District AC2.1555
11Lily GoCity of Norwich AC2.1951
11Maya ElGreat Yarmouth & District AC2.1951
13Anya FaCity of Norwich AC2.2149
13Rosie-Mae JaThetford AC2.2149
15Lily GaCity of Norwich AC2.2248
16Rosie HeCity of Norwich AC2.2545
16Olivia PiThetford AC2.2545
18Lexi AlThetford AC2.2743
19Mollie SkRyston Runners AC2.3040
19Evie ClRyston Runners AC2.3040

Top Throwers

Boys top 20 Throw ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameThrow DistanceThrow Points
1Charlie BrWest Norfolk AC37.4474
1Finn KaCity of Norwich AC37.1774
3Theo PuCity of Norwich AC30.3960
4Jude CaCity of Norwich AC24.0948
5Kai PeWest Norfolk AC22.8745
5George HeCity of Norwich AC22.6945
5Ethan ThDiss & District AC22.6245
8Will PuCity of Norwich AC22.2644
9James AsCity of Norwich AC21.9143
10Cameron WeGreat Yarmouth & District AC21.3042
11Geoffrey ThCity of Norwich AC20.9441
12Monty FiThetford AC20.4040
13Jack BrCity of Norwich AC19.3938
13Kieran WaNorth Norfolk Harriers AC19.3738
15Charlie FoThetford AC18.2136
16Leon HaCity of Norwich AC17.6835
16Daniel AdDereham Runners AC17.6235
16Archie JaThetford AC17.5435
19Thomas FaCity of Norwich AC16.5533
20Vito MaCity of Norwich AC16.0232

Girls top 20 Throw ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameThrow DistanceThrow Points
1Rosie HeCity of Norwich AC26.0152
2Amy FiGreat Yarmouth & District AC23.4846
2Charley WhRyston Runners AC23.0446
4Lola VaCity of Norwich AC21.0142
5Eloise EdNorth Norfolk Harriers AC20.6041
6Amber GoCity of Norwich AC20.3940
7Mia SqGreat Yarmouth & District AC19.1138
8Maizie BoGreat Yarmouth & District AC18.5037
9Olivia PiThetford AC16.5133
10Rosie-Mae JaThetford AC16.2332
11Mia ThCity of Norwich AC15.4330
11Anya FaCity of Norwich AC15.0130
13Lexi AlThetford AC14.5629
14Lily GoCity of Norwich AC14.3928
15Evie ClRyston Runners AC12.2124
15Lydia KeCity of Norwich AC12.1924
17Iyla AdCity of Norwich AC11.5623
17Faye NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC11.5523
19Caoimhe CaThetford AC11.1022
20Mollie SkRyston Runners AC10.7121


The ESAA awards are based on a points system scoring each individual discipline between 0 - 5. The ESAA Award we display is the Quadrathlon award. For more details on how these awards are scored please goto the Awards page

Because of the way the ESAA awards system scores things it is possible to get a lesser award than another athlete even though your QuadKids score is higher!

Boys Awards

RankAthlete nameTeam nameOverall PointsESAA Award
1Charlie BrWest Norfolk AC250Gold
2Finn KaCity of Norwich AC229Silver
3Jude CaCity of Norwich AC220Silver
4Kai PeWest Norfolk AC210Silver
5Cameron WeGreat Yarmouth & District AC203Silver
6James AsCity of Norwich AC190Silver
7Theo PuCity of Norwich AC189Silver
8Ethan ThDiss & District AC187Silver
9Monty FiThetford AC185Silver
10Geoffrey ThCity of Norwich AC181Silver
11Leon HaCity of Norwich AC179Silver
11Charlie FoThetford AC179Silver
13Jack BrCity of Norwich AC172Silver
14Archie JaThetford AC161Silver
15Kieran WaNorth Norfolk Harriers AC154Bronze
16Vito MaCity of Norwich AC147Bronze
17Daniel AdDereham Runners AC146Bronze
18George HeCity of Norwich AC143Bronze
19Ollie NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC136Bronze
20Thomas FaCity of Norwich AC129Bronze
21Connor BuThetford AC127Bronze
22Andrew MoNone124Bronze
22Will PuCity of Norwich AC124Bronze

Girls Awards

RankAthlete nameTeam nameOverall PointsESAA Award
1Mia SqGreat Yarmouth & District AC208Gold
2Amy FiGreat Yarmouth & District AC206Gold
3Lola VaCity of Norwich AC198Gold
4Amber GoCity of Norwich AC197Gold
4Maizie BoGreat Yarmouth & District AC197Gold
6Charley WhRyston Runners AC195Gold
7Eloise EdNorth Norfolk Harriers AC188Gold
7Mia ThCity of Norwich AC188Gold
9Rosie HeCity of Norwich AC173Silver
10Olivia PiThetford AC167Silver
11Faye NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC165Silver
12Anya FaCity of Norwich AC164Silver
13Lily GoCity of Norwich AC160Silver
14Olivia AlNorth Norfolk Harriers AC155Silver
15Maya ElGreat Yarmouth & District AC149Silver
16Rosie-Mae JaThetford AC141Silver
16Lily GaCity of Norwich AC141Silver
18Evie ClRyston Runners AC138Silver
19Lexi AlThetford AC135Silver
20Mollie SkRyston Runners AC127Bronze
21Jasmine KnNorth Norfolk Harriers AC124Bronze
22Caoimhe CaThetford AC121Silver
23Lila PiThetford AC118Bronze
24Iyla AdCity of Norwich AC117Bronze
25Danielle WaWest Norfolk AC116Bronze
26Lydia KeCity of Norwich AC114Bronze
27Emily KoCity of Norwich AC107Bronze
28Laina AnCity of Norwich AC105Bronze

QuadKids Certificates

QuadKids Certificates are FREE if your competition organiser uploads results to our website. To gain access to certificates contact the competition organiser.

You have to be registered and logged in to our website to view certificates. Simply click on the VIEW button to download a certificate, a copy will also be emailed to your registered email address.

Organisers, when you are logged in there are additional buttons on the results screens to download batches of certificates by Team or for batches of all boys or girls.

Boys' Certificates

RankAthlete NameTeam NameOverall pointsDownload certificate
1Charlie BrWest Norfolk AC250Certificate
2Finn KaCity of Norwich AC229Certificate
3Jude CaCity of Norwich AC220Certificate
4Kai PeWest Norfolk AC210Certificate
5Cameron WeGreat Yarmouth & District AC203Certificate
6James AsCity of Norwich AC190Certificate
7Theo PuCity of Norwich AC189Certificate
8Ethan ThDiss & District AC187Certificate
9Monty FiThetford AC185Certificate
10Geoffrey ThCity of Norwich AC181Certificate
11Charlie FoThetford AC179Certificate
11Leon HaCity of Norwich AC179Certificate
13Jack BrCity of Norwich AC172Certificate
14Archie JaThetford AC161Certificate
15Kieran WaNorth Norfolk Harriers AC154Certificate
16Vito MaCity of Norwich AC147Certificate
17Daniel AdDereham Runners AC146Certificate
18George HeCity of Norwich AC143Certificate
19Ollie NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC136Certificate
20Thomas FaCity of Norwich AC129Certificate
21Connor BuThetford AC127Certificate
22Will PuCity of Norwich AC124Certificate
22Andrew MoNone124Certificate

Girls' Certificates

RankAthlete NameTeam NameOverall pointsDownload certificate
1Mia SqGreat Yarmouth & District AC208Certificate
2Amy FiGreat Yarmouth & District AC206Certificate
3Lola VaCity of Norwich AC198Certificate
4Maizie BoGreat Yarmouth & District AC197Certificate
4Amber GoCity of Norwich AC197Certificate
6Charley WhRyston Runners AC195Certificate
7Mia ThCity of Norwich AC188Certificate
7Eloise EdNorth Norfolk Harriers AC188Certificate
9Rosie HeCity of Norwich AC173Certificate
10Olivia PiThetford AC167Certificate
11Faye NoGreat Yarmouth & District AC165Certificate
12Anya FaCity of Norwich AC164Certificate
13Lily GoCity of Norwich AC160Certificate
14Olivia AlNorth Norfolk Harriers AC155Certificate
15Maya ElGreat Yarmouth & District AC149Certificate
16Lily GaCity of Norwich AC141Certificate
16Rosie-Mae JaThetford AC141Certificate
18Evie ClRyston Runners AC138Certificate
19Lexi AlThetford AC135Certificate
20Mollie SkRyston Runners AC127Certificate
21Jasmine KnNorth Norfolk Harriers AC124Certificate
22Caoimhe CaThetford AC121Certificate
23Lila PiThetford AC118Certificate
24Iyla AdCity of Norwich AC117Certificate
25Danielle WaWest Norfolk AC116Certificate
26Lydia KeCity of Norwich AC114Certificate
27Emily KoCity of Norwich AC107Certificate
28Laina AnCity of Norwich AC105Certificate

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