London Heathside Summer Quadkids Competition 2#
London Heathside Quadkids - U13 Competition (07/07/2019)


Boys individual ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint timeSprint pointsJump distanceJump pointsRun timeRun pointsThrow distanceThrow pointsOverall points
1Thomas WaLH12.01503.776202:25.114532.5865222
2Eden BrLH12.85413.495302:03.376727.3354215
3Alex KoLH11.39563.806302:24.884521.3742206
4Tristan WiLH12.70433.405002:12.575725.4150200
5Thomas MoLH12.67432.923402:06.216427.8255196
6Finbar CoLH12.30473.405002:25.414523.1646188
7Axel BoLH13.04403.164202:15.165525.4250187
8Chokhmah JoLH12.16482.792902:09.246122.8345183
9George HiLH12.86413.003602:16.195424.8349180
10Sam TuLH13.93313.063802:09.646023.6747176
11Noah BeLH13.38362.863202:06.856320.5841172
12Arun ChLH13.59342.602302:14.235627.2254167
13Chayil JoLH12.96402.983602:11.945812.9025159
14Luke ToLH12.83422.261102:15.325522.7745153
15Andreas CaLH13.32372.231002:25.284525.1650142
16Sebastian DiLH13.54352.953502:36.453416.6433137
16Benjamin LaLH13.17382.441702:14.975513.9527137
18Oscar AbLH14.01302.903302:54.171615.4530109
19Alex MoLH16.66102.582202:37.883222.4144108
20Sam WiLH13.87312.572200:00.00023.004699
21Joel DeLH15.37162.792902:51.201914.642993
21Frido LaLH15.37162.732702:20.06500.00093
23Conall CrLH14.66232.391602:50.262014.582988
24Pip BoLH15.17181.661002:47.942212.202474
25Jack KnLH15.30162.401603:21.701015.463072
26Bill MoLH15.88102.121003:20.061014.122858
27Theo BeLH18.92102.051003:41.97105.801141

Girls individual ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint timeSprint pointsJump distanceJump pointsRun timeRun pointsThrow distanceThrow pointsOverall points
1Skye KeLH12.18483.505302:00.287026.4752223
2Lucy CoLH11.71533.465202:04.286620.8641212
3Kiara CoLH13.14393.455102:02.346818.8837195
4Lauren ShLH11.84523.405002:20.904921.1742193
5Willow BeLH12.78423.405002:14.305617.4834182
6Sophie LyLH13.03403.234402:34.333618.6937157
7Selma LaLH12.43463.063802:18.46528.6717153
8Eowyn BrLH12.79423.394902:43.062712.7525143
9Maya WeLH13.32372.692602:22.384810.0020131
10Phoebe WiLH13.44362.461802:22.63479.9219120
11Maya BaLH13.66332.572202:35.06359.1218108
11Ella BuLH12.25473.003600:00.00012.7025108
13Basmala KhLH13.90312.271202:38.773111.652397
14Eva MoLH14.73232.552102:45.312512.152493
15Libby RiLH14.43262.682602:46.13248.291692
16Ella HaLH14.02302.411702:45.67246.641384
17Eloise ViLH14.92211.831002:43.482711.542381
18Eliane BrLH14.71232.491902:46.13246.001278
19Jemima MoLH13.68331.541002:55.31159.361876
20Isra KhLH17.14101.671003:13.501010.992151
21Elkie BaLH0.0000.00000:00.00022.184444

Top Sprinters

Boys top 20 Sprint ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint TimeSprint Points
1Alex KoLH11.3956
2Thomas WaLH12.0150
3Chokhmah JoLH12.1648
4Finbar CoLH12.3047
5Thomas MoLH12.6743
5Tristan WiLH12.7043
7Luke ToLH12.8342
8Eden BrLH12.8541
8George HiLH12.8641
10Chayil JoLH12.9640
10Axel BoLH13.0440
12Benjamin LaLH13.1738
13Andreas CaLH13.3237
14Noah BeLH13.3836
15Sebastian DiLH13.5435
16Arun ChLH13.5934
17Sam WiLH13.8731
17Sam TuLH13.9331
19Oscar AbLH14.0130
20Conall CrLH14.6623

Girls top 20 Sprint ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint TimeSprint Points
1Lucy CoLH11.7153
2Lauren ShLH11.8452
3Skye KeLH12.1848
4Ella BuLH12.2547
5Selma LaLH12.4346
6Willow BeLH12.7842
6Eowyn BrLH12.7942
8Sophie LyLH13.0340
9Kiara CoLH13.1439
10Maya WeLH13.3237
11Phoebe WiLH13.4436
12Maya BaLH13.6633
12Jemima MoLH13.6833
14Basmala KhLH13.9031
15Ella HaLH14.0230
16Libby RiLH14.4326
17Eliane BrLH14.7123
17Eva MoLH14.7323
19Eloise ViLH14.9221

Top Jumpers

Boys top 20 Jump ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameJump DistanceJump Points
1Alex KoLH3.8063
2Thomas WaLH3.7762
3Eden BrLH3.4953
4Tristan WiLH3.4050
4Finbar CoLH3.4050
6Axel BoLH3.1642
7Sam TuLH3.0638
8George HiLH3.0036
8Chayil JoLH2.9836
10Sebastian DiLH2.9535
11Thomas MoLH2.9234
12Oscar AbLH2.9033
13Noah BeLH2.8632
14Chokhmah JoLH2.7929
14Joel DeLH2.7929
16Frido LaLH2.7327
17Arun ChLH2.6023
18Alex MoLH2.5822
18Sam WiLH2.5722
20Benjamin LaLH2.4417

Girls top 20 Jump ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameJump DistanceJump Points
1Skye KeLH3.5053
2Lucy CoLH3.4652
3Kiara CoLH3.4551
4Lauren ShLH3.4050
4Willow BeLH3.4050
6Eowyn BrLH3.3949
7Sophie LyLH3.2344
8Selma LaLH3.0638
9Ella BuLH3.0036
10Maya WeLH2.6926
10Libby RiLH2.6826
12Maya BaLH2.5722
13Eva MoLH2.5521
14Eliane BrLH2.4919
15Phoebe WiLH2.4618
16Ella HaLH2.4117
17Basmala KhLH2.2712
18Eloise ViLH1.8310
18Isra KhLH1.6710
18Jemima MoLH1.5410

Top Runners

Boys top 20 Run ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameRun TimeRun Points
1Eden BrLH02:03.3767
2Thomas MoLH02:06.2164
3Noah BeLH02:06.8563
4Chokhmah JoLH02:09.2461
5Sam TuLH02:09.6460
6Chayil JoLH02:11.9458
7Tristan WiLH02:12.5757
8Arun ChLH02:14.2356
9Benjamin LaLH02:14.9755
9Axel BoLH02:15.1655
9Luke ToLH02:15.3255
12George HiLH02:16.1954
13Frido LaLH02:20.0650
14Alex KoLH02:24.8845
14Thomas WaLH02:25.1145
14Andreas CaLH02:25.2845
14Finbar CoLH02:25.4145
18Sebastian DiLH02:36.4534
19Alex MoLH02:37.8832

Girls top 20 Run ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameRun TimeRun Points
1Skye KeLH02:00.2870
2Kiara CoLH02:02.3468
3Lucy CoLH02:04.2866
4Willow BeLH02:14.3056
5Selma LaLH02:18.4652
6Lauren ShLH02:20.9049
7Maya WeLH02:22.3848
8Phoebe WiLH02:22.6347
9Sophie LyLH02:34.3336
10Maya BaLH02:35.0635
11Basmala KhLH02:38.7731
12Eowyn BrLH02:43.0627
12Eloise ViLH02:43.4827
14Eva MoLH02:45.3125
15Ella HaLH02:45.6724
15Libby RiLH02:46.1324
15Eliane BrLH02:46.1324
18Jemima MoLH02:55.3115

Top Throwers

Boys top 20 Throw ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameThrow DistanceThrow Points
1Thomas WaLH32.5865
2Thomas MoLH27.8255
3Eden BrLH27.3354
3Arun ChLH27.2254
5Axel BoLH25.4250
5Tristan WiLH25.4150
5Andreas CaLH25.1650
8George HiLH24.8349
9Sam TuLH23.6747
10Finbar CoLH23.1646
10Sam WiLH23.0046
12Chokhmah JoLH22.8345
12Luke ToLH22.7745
14Alex MoLH22.4144
15Alex KoLH21.3742
16Noah BeLH20.5841
17Sebastian DiLH16.6433
18Jack KnLH15.4630
18Oscar AbLH15.4530
20Joel DeLH14.6429

Girls top 20 Throw ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameThrow DistanceThrow Points
1Skye KeLH26.4752
2Elkie BaLH22.1844
3Lauren ShLH21.1742
4Lucy CoLH20.8641
5Kiara CoLH18.8837
5Sophie LyLH18.6937
7Willow BeLH17.4834
8Eowyn BrLH12.7525
8Ella BuLH12.7025
10Eva MoLH12.1524
11Basmala KhLH11.6523
11Eloise ViLH11.5423
13Isra KhLH10.9921
14Maya WeLH10.0020
15Phoebe WiLH9.9219
16Jemima MoLH9.3618
16Maya BaLH9.1218
18Selma LaLH8.6717
19Libby RiLH8.2916
20Ella HaLH6.6413


The ESAA awards are based on a points system scoring each individual discipline between 0 - 5. The ESAA Award we display is the Quadrathlon award. For more details on how these awards are scored please goto the Awards page

Because of the way the ESAA awards system scores things it is possible to get a lesser award than another athlete even though your QuadKids score is higher!

Awards details Not available

QuadKids Certificates

QuadKids Certificates are FREE if your competition organiser uploads results to our website. To gain access to certificates contact the competition organiser.

You have to be registered and logged in to our website to view certificates. Simply click on the VIEW button to download a certificate, a copy will also be emailed to your registered email address.

Organisers, when you are logged in there are additional buttons on the results screens to download batches of certificates by Team or for batches of all boys or girls.

You must be logged in to view certificates.

Boys' Certificates

RankAthlete NameTeam NameOverall pointsDownload certificate
1Thomas WaLH222Certificate
2Eden BrLH215Certificate
3Alex KoLH206Certificate
4Tristan WiLH200Certificate
5Thomas MoLH196Certificate
6Finbar CoLH188Certificate
7Axel BoLH187Certificate
8Chokhmah JoLH183Certificate
9George HiLH180Certificate
10Sam TuLH176Certificate
11Noah BeLH172Certificate
12Arun ChLH167Certificate
13Chayil JoLH159Certificate
14Luke ToLH153Certificate
15Andreas CaLH142Certificate
16Sebastian DiLH137Certificate
16Benjamin LaLH137Certificate
18Oscar AbLH109Certificate
19Alex MoLH108Certificate
20Sam WiLH99Certificate
21Frido LaLH93Certificate
21Joel DeLH93Certificate
23Conall CrLH88Certificate
24Pip BoLH74Certificate
25Jack KnLH72Certificate
26Bill MoLH58Certificate
27Theo BeLH41Certificate

Girls' Certificates

RankAthlete NameTeam NameOverall pointsDownload certificate
1Skye KeLH223Certificate
2Lucy CoLH212Certificate
3Kiara CoLH195Certificate
4Lauren ShLH193Certificate
5Willow BeLH182Certificate
6Sophie LyLH157Certificate
7Selma LaLH153Certificate
8Eowyn BrLH143Certificate
9Maya WeLH131Certificate
10Phoebe WiLH120Certificate
11Maya BaLH108Certificate
11Ella BuLH108Certificate
13Basmala KhLH97Certificate
14Eva MoLH93Certificate
15Libby RiLH92Certificate
16Ella HaLH84Certificate
17Eloise ViLH81Certificate
18Eliane BrLH78Certificate
19Jemima MoLH76Certificate
20Isra KhLH51Certificate
21Elkie BaLH44Certificate

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